Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTERS....Realistic and Humbling, but Honest

So, I changed the title of this post....I thought about it and thought this is exactly the type of stuff I want to remember years from now when my girls are grown (and hopefully for a future daughter-in-law).  When my girls reach this stage of life, when they are married and, God willing, having babies of their own, I hope they can refer back to this and see what life was really like for me, as a mom and wife.  I hope to write lots of posts like this one.  Posts that offer a glimpse into the reality of what it was like when they were little, what the house looked like, the hardest of days, what the daily struggles were that are not really post worthy and "pretty" but honest. Stuff  I know I'm bound to forget.  So, here is the first of many letter's to my daughters:)


So, yeah, this has been a rough week. Well a rough few weeks.  What does one's house look like after a rough few weeks?  Well, in case you are curious, I took pictures!  I hope one day I'll post pictures of what my house looks like clean, oh how I love it when it's clean (or as clean as I can realistically get it), but for now these are the real pictures.  The ones that I want to look back at years from now when these sleepless nights are a distant memory and I romanticize everything.  I want to remember and I want to share for any of you out there that might be reading, read other blogs like me, look at Facebook pictures and feel bad about your reality.  Your non edited perfect "like" worthy pictures.  Well, I guess I'm hoping my reality is not so unlike others reality.  Sometimes there just simply is NO TIME and keeping children fed and alive is the only real goal and the only accomplishment for the day.  I keep telling myself that those days are okay, but honestly I beat myself up about them all the time.  I know it's okay and I'm growing a little/big family but there is something hard as a mom about looking all around you and seeing nothing but work, hearing crying in the background and smelling something funny you can't necessarily find, sigh.  So here is the reality of our life, the humbling reality and I just hope the coffin maker doesn't kill me for sharing these pictures:)  (Sorry honey!)

The cool Joovy my friend let me borrow that I'm using as a clothing organization  apparatus...I did put Ella in there once hoping she'd have a safe place to play without be attacked but in a few minutes Elena jumped the side and so now it's the above!  (Vanessa, I promise all the clothes are clean and I'm keeping it damage free!)

Could be worse, I've seen it worse, but the bottom middle is a pile of clean clothes that din't make it out of the room in time...I'll probably throw them back in the below baskets and just wash them again, lol

The three full baskets I thought were all the laundry...then Adam brought down the below:( 


Cool office that I've not seen clean in longer than I'll admit...also why I am writing this on my couch and not in that mess of a space...this the the "adult" room where we are supposed to go to escape the kids.  Well, maybe one day right!  We can hope.
My sweet Elena, depicting exactly how I feel about 25 minutes into each day!  (She had her first lunch bunch today....was tuckered out:)  Too cute...wish I could pass out like that!) 

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